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NSPCA-ImageThe NSPCA UPDATE on the dog that was beaten to death. #AnimaltalkNews

The National Council of SPCAs confirms that the Lowveld SPCA is working closely with the White River SAPS to ensure that justice is served for a Husky dog, beaten to death for allegedly attacking goats.

On Tuesday, 30 December 2014, the Lowveld SPCA, accompanied by the White River K9 Dog Unit, went to the scene and investigated the matter. The carcass of the dog was removed by the Lowveld SPCA and taken to a veterinarian for a post mortem. The owner of the dog subsequently laid charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act against the accused. Charges will be added to this case by the Lowveld SPCA once the post mortem report has been received.

The Lowveld SPCA is working closely with the Investigating Officer, Sgt Malatjie of the White River SAPS to ensure that all evidence is included in the docket. Submission of a strong case with substantiation is essential for any case to proceed and succeed. The NSPCA emphasises that in all cases of animal cruelty when the SPCA lays charges, a comprehensive and complete docket is submitted to the SAPS – which takes time.

“The docket is in preparation,” explained Senior Inspector Jaco Pieterse of the NSPCA. “There has been a huge media and public reaction to this issue. We share the outrage and horror but at the same time we ask for understanding. To act in the best interest of the animal, we need to ensure that the complete, final docket is submitted.”

“Of course, the issue is emotive,” added Senior Inspector Pieterse. “Sadly, this dreadful case is just one of many cases of absolute horror which took place over the festive season and with which the SPCA movement is dealing. Resources country-wide have been stretched to their limit and we appeal to everyone to support the SPCA movement in our endeavours to prevent cruelty to animals and to support us when we take decisive action against perpetrators.”

Amid the social media furore surrounding the issue, it has been noted that there are initiatives to raise money “to assist this case.” The NSPCA emphasises that charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act are State prosecutions and costs are not incurred when criminal charges are laid. That is, the State acts on our behalf. Nevertheless costs are incurred when matters are investigated by an SPCA and cruelty – unfortunately – rears its ugly head year-round.

We are unsure what the funds being raised are intended for. We ask that the Lowveld SPCA is supported and that all donations are made directly to them. All SPCAs need support and again, we ask that donations are made directly to them.

Contact the NSPCA on pr@nspca.co.za for more information


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