5 diseases lions transmit to humans

Blood Lions and World Animal Protection recently conducted a study, and found that the captive lion breeding industry in South Africa poses a serious health risk to thousands of tourists, industry workers and communities. According to a recent statement by Blood Lions, they found five major diseases that are harmful to people:

  1. human ehrlichiosis
  2. human babesiosis
  3. African sleeping sickness
  4. toxocariasis 
  5. trichinosis

These diseases are associated with at least 63 potentially harmful pathogens linked with wild and captive lions.

Blood Lions feel that these diseases can be avoided with the following actions:

  1. Asking the public to stop interacting with captive wildlife – an industry that has been condemned by global conservation authorities and leaders in the tourism sector.
  2. Calling for the World Health Organization (WHO) to curb the global wildlife trade.


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