5 tips for a happy and safe hamster

Getting a new hamster can be very exciting, especially if you have done your homework. So, here are five tips that you have to keep in mind if you want a happy hamster.

  1. When picking up your hamster, take it slow and give his body extra support by holding him with both hands. You don’t want to frighten him, as he might bite you.
  2. A good idea is to gently tap on the side of the cage before you pick him up, so that he’s aware of your presence.
  3. Make your hamster’s cage special – choose one made of wire or plastic that will provide plenty of ventilation, with a removable litter pan.
  4. The cage should be large enough for your hamster to run around without bumping into the sides.
  5. Also make sure that the cage door closes securely, so that your hamster won’t be able to escape.

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