6 Benefits of taking your dog for walks

There are many benefits for both you and your dog to go on walk every day. Here are the top six reasons why this should be a daily activity:

  1. You get to spend quality time with your dog.
  2. Both you and your dog get some exercise and fresh air. How many kilojoules you burn will depend on how far and how fast you walk.
  3. By doing exercise and getting fresh air, both you and your dog will be healthier.
  4. This is also an ideal training opportunity for your dog to walk on a lead. (But don’t forget to allow him lots of fun time to sniff and use his nose!)
  5. It has socialisation potential for both of you – you get to meet other pet owners along the way, and your dog learns how to behave around other people and animals.
  6. Keeping track of the distances will help you monitor your progress, as you might want to walk further, or even faster, to burn some more energy.


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