6 new careers with pets

Pets have become such an integral part of the family, and this has allowed the pet industry to continue to grow exponentially. The growth in this industry also means more jobs are becoming available. And, if you’re an animal lover who understands animals, what better industry to work in than the pet industry – with pets or pet-related products and services?

Animaltalk magazine looked at what the possible new and upcoming careers in this industry could be, and here is what we found.

  1. Pet supplements

One of the products in the pet industry that has seen major development is pet supplements. These include CBD products, vitamins and minerals. People who research and develop these kinds of products, especially in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry, have increasing job opportunities. If you like animals and science, this could be an option for you.

Another position this area creates is for people who sell these products and supplements to pet owners through direct selling and within specialist shops. The salesperson will have to know a lot about the products and the benefits of using them.

  1. Pet wipes

There are many types of pet wipes available on the market and in development. Pet wipes include anything from cleaning your dog’s face or bum to allergy wipes. Potential careers in this industry include research and development of the products, and niche salespeople who understand the benefits and formulation of the products.

To what the other four potential careers are, get the October 2021 edition of Animaltalk magazine from retail stores or order a copy from www.coolmags.co.za.


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