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Orange Fox security and CentX-Crydec spent Mandela Day with some very special dogs #AnimaltalkCares

July 18, 2015

Vanessa Jacobs getting some love from Soekie. Photo: Kristian Meijer
Vanessa Jacobs getting some love from Soekie. Photo: Kristian Meijer


Orange Fox Security and IT company CentX-Crydec decided to spend their 67 minutes for Mandela Day with the very special staff at Pretoria Dog Rescue (PDR) in Valhalla and their dogs.

The two companies pooled their resources and bought 67 new blankets for the 25 dogs at the facility. Together they raised another R1 500 for the centre, and CentX-Crydec vowed to create a new website for the centre.

When the team arrived at the centre, PDR’s founder Celia van Zyl, said she was stunned. “I am so thankful for everything they have done for us.”

“When this centre started out, I was the only one here. Now, we have an incredible team helping to run the facility. So far we have managed to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 70 dogs. We currently have 25 dogs, and it is extremely expensive to care for them. Though not all of the dogs at PDR belong to us. We are also working closely with Nordic Rescue SA to rehome huskies as well,” she added.

On the day, the teams from both companies got to spend some time with the dogs at the centre, playing with them in their play area, enjoying every moment as the excited dogs ran about, played in their pool, and gave everyone sloppy, love-filled licks. They also got the chance to visit each dog in their kennel to give them their warm new blankets.

“At PDR we are pro-life and we fight for animal rights. That means that no dog that we rescue will ever be put down. We focus on sterilisation and care, and want to rehome as many dogs as possible. Our aim is to start performing outreaches, so that animals in disadvantaged areas can be spayed. To do that, we need more people to become involved with PDR and donate as well,” said Van Zyl.

She added: “I want to thank CentX-Crydec and Orange Fox for their incredible support, as well as Nicole da Costa, the co-founder of PDR, Ina Schutte and Cynthia van der Bijl for their invaluable support. Without them, PDR would not be here.”

For more about Pretoria Dog Rescue and how to get involved and donate, visit their Facebook page or phone Celia van Zyl on 082-569-2663.

Source: Rekord Centurion Newspaper

For more information:

Contact person: Celia van Zyl
Contact number: 0825692663
Email: Wowfree2008@gmail.com


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