7 cool things about the longhorn cowfish

The longhorn cowfish, also known as a horned boxfish, is truly a weird looking creature, yet fascinating. Let’s find out what is to cool about this fish.

1. The look

The longhorn cowfish isn’t the same shape as ‘ordinary’ fish. Instead, he is shaped more like a box with a flat underside. And his mouth is under his head. His most interesting features are the two horns on his head.

2. Beware the toxin

When the longhorn cowfish is stressed, he releases ostracitoxin – a toxin that is deadly to other fish, but harmless to humans.

3. Shy, but curious

The longhorn cowfish is a shy animal, but curious at the same time. He will often hide in the reef, but then try to see what is going on in the vicinity.

4. Slow swimmer

This fish looks as if he is hovering in the water. As he doesn’t have a pelvic skeleton or pelvic fins, he isn’t able to move as much or as fast as most other fish.

5. Grunting grandpa

When caught, the longhorn cowfish makes a grunting sound and will continue making this sound until he is released again.

6. Regrowing horns

Sometimes, the longhorn cowfish might break a horn but, luckily, it will regrow again.

7. Uncovered gills

At first glance, it looks as if the longhorn cowfish doesn’t have gills. His gills are slits on the side of his body, but they are not covered.


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