7 cool things about the Pallas’s cat

The Pallas’s is a beautiful cat and you may confuse him with a domestic cat at first, but he is definitely not a domesticated animal. Find out what is cool about this cat.

1. In the name

The name, Pallas’s cat, comes from Peter Pallas, a German naturalist, who first classified the cat in 1776. He originally classified the cat as Felis manul, and therefore the cat is also known as the manul cat. Manul is a Mongolian word and the cat’s scientific name is Otocolobus manul. Other names for this cat are steppe cat or rock wildcat.

2. Distinctive look

Without the plush coat, the Pallas’s cat is about the size of a domestic cat. He has short legs with a stocky body and is actually small compared to most other wild cats. His body is between 46 and 65cm long and his tail measures between 21 and 31cm. This cat’s ears are very low and set wide apart if you compare them with other cats’ ears.

3. Not a runner

Don’t expect the Pallas’s cat to win any marathon races for cats. His short legs and stocky body weren’t created for running. When he feels threatened, he hides amongst boulders and in small crevices. Instead of outrunning his prey, he would rather ambush them from behind bushes or at the entrances to their hiding places.

4. Home is…

You will find the Pallas’s cat in the grassland and dry regions of Mongolia, China and the Tibetan Plateau. Their habitat is typically in extreme climates where there is little rain, and it can extend to desert regions.

5. Loner

The Pallas’s cat isn’t a party animal and prefers to hide alone in caves, burrows and crevices. This cat usually comes out to hunt between dusk and dawn.

6. Fur coat

His coat is made for extreme temperatures and is therefore thick and lush to protect him on very cold nights. Compared to other wild cats, his coat is the densest.

7. Unusual eyes

Not only does this cat’s face have a flattened look, but his pupils are also round instead of vertical slits like other wild cats. His yellow round eyes also look like an owl’s eyes.


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