9 reasons why cats are so special

Cats are amazing creatures and there are various factors that add to their charm. Why else did the Egyptians adore them and regard them as sacred animals? Cats can be charming by simply looking at you. Due to their facial construction, they don’t have the ability to smile, but you can see the smile in their eyes. I’m convinced that they smile, laugh and even judge us from a distance.

Cats use their entire bodies to communicate, from their expressive eyes to their sweeping “I’m so annoyed” tails. And they are extremely adorable when they’re curled up and fast asleep.

1. Curious

A cat is a naturally curious creature, so she wants to explore everything – from the shopping bag that you’re carrying into the house and the book you’re reading, to inspecting what you’ve made for dinner. Her reactions to her discoveries can be very entertaining. She might ‘flee the scene’ or stare at you, but she usually won’t do anything other than simply sniffing around to satisfy her curiosity. No wonder there’s the saying: ‘curiosity killed the cat’.

2. Box fanatics

The way a cat investigates a carboard box and then claims it by getting into it, is just fascinating to watch. If the box is large enough, she will find a game to play. Or if the box is really small, she will probably contort herself until she fits in. This makes boxes the cheapest, yet most interesting, toys for cats.

3. Peace and quiet

Not all cats are quiet, but they’re normally much quieter than most dogs. Some cats can be really vocal, especially if they want something. Generally, a cat won’t ‘bark’ when there are strangers at the door, or ‘bark’ at the delivery guy. She might investigate who is at the door, and then nonchalantly turn around, walk away and find a spot to nap. If she decides to welcome the person, she might rub against them, or even give a meow or two. But that is normally the extent of her conversation with the stranger.

4. Cleanliness

It’s a known fact that most cats are clean freaks. The scene of a cat sitting or lying somewhere while grooming herself is well known to most people. This makes cats generally cleaner animals than dogs. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same about her muddy pawprints on the freshly mopped tiled floor, or her fur all over your furniture and clothes. But then again – that is your problem, not hers.

5. Attention

What is also endearing about a cat is the way she simply walks over to you, talks to you or jumps on your lap when she wants attention. The way she demands attention when it suits her is just next level, compared to most other pets. A dog might whine and beg for attention, but a cat simply claims what she feels is rightfully hers.

6. Purring and stress relief

Scientists have proved that the frequency of your cat’s purr is a form of stress relief for both you and your cat. Besides, you can’t do much else other than relax while she is on your lap. Stroking her also releases ‘cuddle’ chemicals, or oxytocin, which aids in stress relief. So, why wouldn’t you want her on your lap?

7. More independent

Cats are, by nature, more independent than dogs. As domestic pets, cats enjoy human interaction and want to be close to their people, but in the wild, most cats are solitary animals. This means they don’t need a pack to feel secure. Your cat will happily find a corner and nap for most of the day while you’re at work.

8. Friends with the dog

There is that one myth that says cats and dogs can’t be friends – hence the saying: ‘fighting like cat and dog’. But that is not entirely true. There are so many examples where cats are friends with the resident dog, especially when they grow up together. In most cases, the cat is probably the ‘boss’ of the house and rules over the dog – like Garfield and Odie from the cartoons. But they are still friends and can be happy together.

9. Obviously smart

Cats are more intelligent than most people give them credit for. Not only is the average cat good at solving simple puzzles, like getting a toy out from underneath the furniture, but she can also sense when people are sick or sad. You can also teach your cat a variety of tricks and games, and she will also catch on to new routines more quickly than you’d expect.


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