9 lessons to learn from your cat’s behaviour

We often look at our pets and wish we could have the same laid-back lifestyle they have. They can sleep when they want to, get someone else to feed them and don’t have to worry about who’s going to clean up the mess. But did you know that we can learn a few lessons by looking at our cats and how they take on life? Here’s an interesting read for all cat owners.



What they do Cats can spend hours grooming themselves, making sure that they’re clean and that their fur is free of debris and fleas.

Lesson to learn Take time every day to ensure that you look good. Take that leisurely bath or shower, enjoy every moment and don’t allow anybody to disturb you.



What they do When cats enjoy themselves and are happy to be with someone, they purr. They don’t hesitate to show how much they appreciate something.

Lesson to learn Learn to love the little things in life again, and then show your gratitude at every moment. Sometimes we forget to see the blessing in something.


Disappearing and hiding

What they do Cats who are scared or don’t like a certain situation will easily disappear from ‘the scene’ and hide somewhere where they feel comfortable.

Lesson to learn You don’t have to force yourself to be in somebody’s presence if you don’t want to. Rather excuse yourself and move to a place where you would rather be.


Being curious

What they do ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ is a saying we all know. Every cat owner knows how curious cats can be, and they will investigate new objects and living things to see what is going on.

Lesson to learn Don’t be afraid of trying out new things. Life is full of exciting things for us to explore. So, be a bit curious now and then, and live a little.


Sleeping and relaxing

What they do Whether it is a sunny spot in the winter or a cool spot in the summer, cats know exactly where they can take a nap or simply relax.

Lesson to learn Life is so busy, so sometimes we need to take time out for ourselves and relax as well. A nap during the day isn’t the end of the world, and if it will boost your performance for the next part of the day, why not? (Just don’t let your boss find out.)

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