A few frog facts

Let’s see if you knew these facts about frogs.

  • There are more than 5,000 frog species in the world
  • The bullfrog got his name from the sound he makes – it sounds like a bull bellowing.
  • The world’s smallest frog is about the size of a fly and is 7.7mm long. You can find the Paedophryne amauensis in Papua New Guinea.
  • You may also be wondering which frog is the biggest. That title goes to the goliath frog, also known as the goliath bullfrog.
  • You will have to travel to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in Middle Africa to find the goliath frog.
  • The goliath frog measures 32cm long (that is 2cm longer than a ruler) and can weigh up to 3.3kg. This is about the same size as some house cats – imagine that!
  • A new frog was recently discovered in the Amazon – the zombie frog. Raffael Ernst, a German herpetologist, found the frog when he was digging through the mud to find the source of a sound that he had never heard before.
  • The frog wasn’t named a ‘zombie’ due to his own appearance, but rather because of how the scientists looked when they found him!
  • The zombie frog is just under 4cm long, and is not the most attractive frog. Not much is known about him yet.
  • There are a multitude of beautifully coloured frogs to be found all over the world. These frogs are ‘painted’ with bright colours to either attract new partners or to warn predators that they are toxic.
  • The golden poison frog is said to be the most poisonous frog in the world.
  • His poison attacks the nervous system of the person or animal who dared to touch him. It is said that 1mg of his poison can kill 10,000 mice.
  • This frog can be yellow, green, white or even orange.


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