Agility team qualifies to represent SA in Italy

The South African Agility Team that qualified this weekend to represent South Africa at the Agility World Championship in Italy in October

Team members from left to right:

Jason van der Nest with Jag (Large Individual)
Noelene Pretorius with Codie (Large Individual and Team)
Carolyn Chelchinskey with Bernie and Zoe (Medium Team)
Gail Killain with Tyla (Medium Individual and Team) and Kimberley (Small Team)
Lloyd Bristow with Dazzler (Small Individual and Team)
Alett Reed with Volt (Small Individual and Team)
Keegan Taylor with Zoom (Small Team)
Gaby Grohovaz with Lollie (Medium Team)
Claire Patterson-Abrolat (Team Leader)
Tracey Lander with Sassy (Large Individual and Team)
Renee Prinsloo with Stardust (Large Individual)
Leandre van der Merwe with Akira (Large Individual and Team)
Pat Tutton with Speedy (Large Individual and Team)

South African Agility Championships - Small
South African Agility Championships – Small

Winners at the SA Agility Championships, held at Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre

1st: Alett Reed and Volt (GAU)
2nd: Lloyd Bristow and Dazzler (WP)
3rd: Sam Wainwright and Brandi (EP)

South African Agility Championships - Medium
South African Agility Championships – Medium

1st: Roche Compaan and Sumo (WP)
2nd: Annaret Meintjes and Bowie (WP)
3rd: Gail Killian and Tyla (GAU)

South African Agility Championship - Large
South African Agility Championship – Large

1st: Annaret Meintjes and Chinzi (WP)
2nd: Tracey Lander and Sassy (GAU)
3rd: Pat Tutton and Speedy (GAU)

Photograhy: Melissa Wilson of K9 Action Shots


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