Amazing owls

Do owls fascinate you as well? Here are more owls that you might not have know.

  • Owls are known for their huge, round eyes, which do a very important job – those eyes help an owl to see much better at night to find food.
  • The big pupils allow more light in when it’s dark outside, and that is one reason why they can see so much better than people can.
  • Interestingly, owls don’t have eyeballs and they can’t move their eyes from side to side, like people can. And that is why they have to move their entire head when they want to see what is going on next to or behind them.
  • Owls don’t only use their big eyes to find food, they can also hear extremely well.
  • Owls are mostly nocturnal, meaning they are awake during the night, but sleep during the day. The main reason for this is that their prey is also nocturnal.
  • An owl’s diet consists mainly of rodents and other small animals who move around at night. However, sometimes owls move around during the day as well.


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