Animaltalk Top Dog Awards: Meet the agility champs!

Speedy showing his skills

Roll out the red carpet … it’s time to get some paw prints on it! Yes, it is time again for Animaltalk’s prestigious Top Dog Awards, which this year will be held on 28 January. As per usual we will honor outstanding dogs in various categories. One of these categories is agility, sponsored by Bravecto. The winners have been chosen, and over the next few weeks we will get to know them a bit better.

Winner: Large

Patricia Tutton with Speedy

Breed and age of dog: Border Collie (4)

How long have you been taking part in agility? 15 years

Speedy’s previous achievements:

2014: Speedy achieved triple champion status (agility, non-contact and dog jumping.)

KUSA National Agility Champion

Provincial Agility colours

2015: Won top qualifier trophy for Agility World Championships, earning top spot in the South African team competing at the agility world championships in Bologna, Italy

Speedy placed third at SA Agility Championships

Placed second at SA Dog Jumping Championships

Gained Provincial colours for Agility and Dog Jumping

2016: Placed second at SA Agility Championships

KUSA National Dog Jumping Champion 2016

Overall Winner of Gauteng Agility League for 2016

Most consistent dog in Gauteng agility trophy for 2016

Provincial Colours for agility and dog jumping

Look at me go!

What do you enjoy most about agility?

I love running (Completed two Comrades Marathons, 1990 and 1991), but enjoy running with my dog even more! There is a wonderful bond/connection between handler and dog!

Tell us a bit about Speedy’s personality?

Perfectionist! And a bit of a Nerd.

What is your dog’s quirkiest habit?

He has the nickname Mr Squeely due to the noises he makes when he is unhappy, for example when he doesn’t get to go for a walk!

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