Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – meet the agility winners! (part 4)

R-Tic in action!

R-Tic in action!

A new addition to the prestigious Animaltalk Top Dog Awards this year was an agility category, sponsored by Bravecto South Africa. These super-quick canine achievers were recognised in three categories: small, medium and large.

Third place: medium

TOP DOGTaryn Murphy and her Miniature American Shepherd, R-Tic, ran into third place in the medium category. R-Tic, whose breed has only recently been recognised by KUSA, is not only a phenomenal canine athlete, but he is also the star of Taryn’s heart!

Taryn says that he is her third competing agility dog, and

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the one who has achieved the most out of all her dogs. He is a dual grand champion, SA Agility Champion as well as a dual KUSA National Winner. Says Taryn: Although he has achieved a lot, he is first and foremost the champion of my heart. His love for simple things like swimming, Frisbee and trips to the beach is what really makes him special.



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