Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – meet the agility winners! (Part 9)

Kwik being quick!
Kwik being quick!

A new addition to the prestigious Animaltalk Top Dog Awards this year was an agility category, sponsored by Bravecto South Africa. These super-quick canine achievers were recognised in three categories: small, medium and large.

TOP DOGWinner: Large

Kwik, a six-year-old Border Collie bitch, was simply made to excel in agility. She is a 6th generation dog, from a line bred specifically for jumping and agility. According to her owner, Richard Wright, her work ethic and drive is what makes her super special. “But above all,” he says, “is her ability to overcome my imperfections as a handler and a trainer.” Kwik is completely agility mad!
Did you know that the agility world championships are happening on 22-25 September in Spain? The Agility World Championships is a highly prestigious event and considered one of the largest dog events in the world. This event includes both Team and Individual competitions. There are usually 38 countries represented at the event. Príncipe Felipe Pavilion is the main sports facility in Zaragoza with a capacity of nearly 10,000 seats. The event is also live-streamed to agility enthusiasts all around the world.

Our South African team is made up of four ‘Team’ dogs in each height category – Small, Medium and Large, as well as nine ‘Individual’ dog and

Sort out ticks and fleas - safe and easy.
Sort out ticks and fleas – safe and easy.

handler teams. These dogs and handlers overlap, so there is a total of 12 handlers and 14 dogs this year. This year’s South African team is made up of a great combination of experienced handlers and first-timers, and everything in between.

Watch this space! In the upcoming weeks Animaltalk will introduce you to the team who will be representing South Africa – supporting them all the way!


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