Animaltalk Top Dog Awards – meet the agility winners! (Part 2)

Alett Reed and her beloved Volt
Alett Reed and her beloved Volt

A new addition to the prestigious Animaltalk Top Dog Awards this year was an agility category, sponsored by Bravecto South Africa. These super-quick canine achievers were recognised in three categories: small, medium and large.

Second place: small

Alett Reed and her beloved Shetland Sheepdog Volt, ran into second position in the small category. Alett describes Volt as her blue-eyed boy, her heart and soul who knows when to make her laugh as well us how to dry up the occasional tear.

Ticks and fleas - sorted!
Ticks and fleas – sorted!

“Volt was a two-year-long dream, and came into my life from Belgium in 2010. From day one he exceeded all my expectations, opened doors to new adventures and changed my life forever. He has achieved so much for a dog who will only be six years old in September,” says Alett.

Volt was a triple champion (contact agility, non-contact agility and dog jumping) before his second birthday, and a triple grand champion at just three and a half years old. He has won more than 110 qualifying certificates. He has placed in the KUSA Nationals on several occasions, won the National Agility League and is the reigning South African agility champion. He has been a member of the South African Agility team for four years, finishing fourth in the individual event and third in the team event when it was held in South Africa in 2013.

TOP DOGSays Alett: “The list of achievements goes on, but more important are all the adventures that Volt and I shared. These include hikes, swims, travels across South Africa and Europe, the laughs we shared and all the fun we had. Not to mention him falling asleep tightly behind my back every single night, the hugs, kisses and happiness. How much we miss each other when we are apart for a while. The things he has taught me. The acceptance, the love, the relationship. I cannot imagine a day without this little dog.”



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