Animaltalk TOP DOG Awards

TOP DOG The Animaltalk TOP DOG Awards, honouring excellence and dedication in canine achievements for the past 20 years, celebrated its coming of age with the 21st award ceremony held on 21 March 2016.

The Animaltalk Top Dog 100 Ratings are hugely popular with dog show enthusiasts, and the coveted title of Top Dog is highly sought after. This year’s event saw some exciting change in terms of growth. We have, for the first time, honoured achievement in agility, as well as some exceptional junior handlers. In the agility category we have awarded the top three handlers in three height categories: small, medium and large.

The agility category, sponsored by Bravecto South Africa, will be a permanent category in the ANIMALTALK TOP DOG AWARDS going forward and participants can look forward to a competitive points ranking keeping them at their most competitive levels.

And the winners are …

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1: Nadine Shortland and Q (Shetland Sheepdog)

2: Alett Reed and Volt (Shetland Sheepdog)

3: Sam Wainwright and Brandi (Crossbreed)


1: Lindsay King and R-The (Miniature American Shepherd)

2: G Grohovaz and Lollie (Pyrenean Shepherd)

3: Taryn Murphy and R-Tic (Miniature American Shepherd)


1: Richard Wright and Kwik (Border Collie)

2: Annaret Meintjies and Catch (Border Collie)

3: Tracey Lander and Sassy (Border Collie)

Complete Board( orange logo)TOP 100 RATINGS

1: Midnightdream Thrill’f Victory (Shih Tzu) owned by Riekie Erwee

2: Scaramouche Show Must Go On (Afghan Hound) owned by Clair van den Bergh

3: Eukleia Aurora Sparkle of Sivhanha (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) owned by Lourens Ten Napel and Eurika van Heerden

4: Winds of Fortune Valentina’s Magic (Maltese) owned by Heidi Rolfes

5: Elamir Classic Design for Fleetwind (Saluki) owned by Joy McFarlane and Elrena Stadler

6: The Best Models Trust Me at Xamner (Yorkshire Terrier) owned by Rene Potgieter

7: Fairmoor Call Me Frazer (Great Dane) owned by Leigh and Wesley Beckmann

8: Kamchatka Razzmatazz (Siberian Husky) owned by Rossana Joubert

9: Set Fire T’ Rain at Braganza (Standard Poodle) owned by Fran and Jackie Browning

9: Annan Burning Desire (Samoyed) owned by Denise Edmondson


Junior handler (11-18 years)

Andria Haskins

Child handler (8-11 years)

Damian van der Merwe

Congratulations to all the winners! For more, keep an eye out for the May issue of Animaltalk.













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