Animaltalk’s outstanding growth

Animaltalk magazine has managed to grow exponentially during a time of financial uncertainty brought about by one of the greatest pandemics to hit the world – COVID-19. Thanks to copies sold from April to June 2020, the magazine managed to increase its circulation from an average of about 9,000 to an astonishing 57,324! This figure was certified by the Audited Bureau of Circulation.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of our readers and, therefore, we want to thank all those who helped us to accomplish this, which was no mean feat,” says Mientjie Kleinhans, editor of the magazine.

The monthly Animaltalk magazine features topical articles containing tips and advice from experts in the companion animal industry. “Today’s pet owners want to know more, and aspire to be the best responsible pet parents they can be. That’s why they value content they know they can trust, and Animaltalk offers them exactly that – reliable information about behaviour, health, nutrition, training, grooming, and so much more,” adds Mientjie.

“We couldn’t have done this without the assistance of all the professionals on our panel of experts, either. So, we’d like to thank them, too, for all the knowledge that they impart to us, which we pass on our readers.”



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