Anti-terror dog Diesel’s last moments – owner tells all

Diesel's owner described her sad last minutes
Diesel’s owner described her sad last minutes

The death of police dog Diesel, who died in a police raid following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, made headlines everywhere. Social media was abuzz with compassion for the dog who gave her life for the fight against terrorism.

Her owner/handler, who, as a member of French anti-terrorist movement RAID has to remain anonymous, shared what really happened in the last moments of Diesel’s life.

Upon arrival of the RAID teams in the Rue Corbillon in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis, there had been numerous exchanges of fire and grenades were flying through the air. “Then, suddenly, it was quiet, an almost abnormal, calm, very long silence,” said the elite policeman.
In the assumption that the terrorists were perhaps ‘neutralised’ in the exchange of fire, they had decided to let Diesel search the flat. “She looked through the first room, which was clear. Then, she went on to the second. I saw her jumping forward. Then she disappeared from view, and the shots began again. And that’s it. Diesel was dead instantly.

Even though Diesel had probably saved a colleague’s life that day, the whole canine unit was affected by the loss. They were also pleasantly surprised by the compassion and support that the whole world expressed. “All these messages of support help us to get over Diesel’s death.”

What makes it especially tragic was that Diesel was due for retirement in a few months’ time.



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