Are you ready for a cat?

You really want a pet and think that a cat is an obvious choice, because they are generally independent and just do their own thing. But this is not true. Although a cat can be independent, she still needs your love, attention and to be taken care of by you, her owner. This is part of the full quiz to help you see if you are ready to own a cat.


1. What inspired you to get a cat?

a. Kittens are cute and I would love to play with one.

b. My friend’s cat had kittens and I want to adopt one to help my friend.

c. I’ve always wanted my own cat.


2. How much time do you have to spend with a cat?

a. Cats are independent and you don’t need to spend time with them.

b. I’ll play with the cat at least once a day…

c. I know that I have to dedicate time throughout the day to give her attention, feed her, and clean her litterbox. And I don’t mind.


3. Do you have the financial means to take care of a cat?

a. Besides food, cats don’t cost much money.

b. I have a good idea what cats need, and I think I can afford it.

c. I know exactly what food, preventative treatments, medical insurance, vaccines, vets and other necessities cost and I know I can afford it.


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