Before you buy a puppy…

You’re all hyped up and really love the idea of a new puppy in the house. But, be careful where you buy your puppy from and remember: Never, ever buy a puppy as a Christmas gift for somebody else, and never buy a puppy from a puppy farm or pet shop. This is what to consider before you buy a puppy:

  • Don’t buy puppies and kittens from ‘breeders’ who place ads on websites or in newspapers that permit the advertising of live animals. Never buy animals from a pet store – you have no idea where these animals come from. They may come from so-called puppy or kitten mills.
  • If you are serious about welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home, don’t bargain hunt. There is a reason why puppies or kittens from reputable breeders cost more. These breeders are serious about their breed. They conduct health screenings and tests before breeding and provide quality veterinary care for mom and her offspring after the birth.
  • Consider those breeders who advertise in Animaltalk magazine and Southern Africa’s Dog Directory 2020. They have kennels or catteries that are registered with reputable breed registries and are willing to pay for a quality advert to reach responsible pet owners.
  • Make contact with your chosen breeder and ask about the breed registries he or she is affiliated to. Get the breeder’s kennel name and registration number. Ask for contact details of previous buyers so you can speak to them directly. Reputable breeders don’t have puppies or kittens available at all times, and your name will be added to a waiting list until they are available.
  • Follow up with the registry and previous buyers to find out more about your chosen breeder and their puppies or kittens.
  • Before you choose a puppy or kitten from a litter, ask to meet the dam or queen and possibly the sire or tom.
  • Ask the breeder about the socialisation programme for the puppies or kittens. It is very important for both puppies and kittens to be exposed to a number of different people and objects while still in the breeder’s home.

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