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Children can benefit greatly from owning pets.
Children can benefit greatly from owning pets.

Many of us fondly remember the pets we had as children. They were always there for us – ready to lick away tears, to take part in the silly games we played, and to attentively listen to the important things we needed to tell them. According to research, kids experiencing problems turn to their pets even more than they do to their siblings.

5 ways pets are good for children

  1. Pets can help improve your child’s reading skills – those who are just starting out might feel more comfortable reading aloud to their pets.
  2. Pets can get your kids away from those computer and TV screens! Playtime outside and dog walks can provide that much-needed exercise.
  3. Research has found that playing with a pet reduces blood pressure (this is great for adults too!).
  4. Feeding and caring for a pet teaches children responsibility for another living creature. Always remember though that children can be unreliable, and that you as parent have to take the ultimate responsibility for a pet.
  5. Children who grow up with pets tend to have stronger immune systems and suffer less from allergies.

The full article appears in the August 2016 issue of Animaltalk.

Click here to read more about the relationship between your child and his cat.




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