Part 32 – Big brother Khan, people visit and an ambulance

So I have lots to tell you today. Often an old age home or senior groups at a church will contact S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind (GDA) and request a visit. As puppy raisers, our moms and dads are then asked to volunteer some of their time to take us to meet some people. We usually enjoy this quite a bit (usually lots of treats involved).

Mom was taking me to a church group a bit further away than what we usually travel, so we met up with other guys from GDA at the Centre so we could travel together. While we were waiting, Kelby and Khan came outside. Kelby is a lady who works for GDA. And her special Service Dog is Khan! And then she told us that Khan and I have the same mommy! We are both Jelly babies (Jelly is our mom’s name). It was so exciting meeting my big half-brother (we have different dads). He is four years old. Here we are getting to know each other and having great fun.

khan 3

khan 4 khan 5 khan 2 khan 1

Then we were off to do our visit. The people enjoyed it so much. We told them all about GDA and what they do, and they got a chance to meet me and give me some cuddles. Here I’m getting ready to go in.

DSCF4318 DSCF4323

And here we are all posing for a photo (it is me on the left and the dog in the middle’s name is O’Reilly – a very gorgeous Golden Retriever just like Anja. But he is even more special as he is a Guide Dog). What a fun outing!


A couple of days later my mom went to meet a friend at a hospital. We were standing outside when an ambulance stopped close to us. The paramedics saw me and came to say hello. I even got a chance to see what the inside of an ambulance looked like! It was a little bit scary but I was very good.

My mom apologises for the bad quality of the photos, but I still wanted to share them with you – me inside the ambulance and posing with the medics.

ambulance 2 ambulance 1

amb with staff 2 amb with staff

Next time we play at the park!




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