Bite-sized grooming tips

Grooming is only one aspect of pet care, and an important one to keep up to date with. Especially if your dog ever ended up looking like this one!

Splish splash!

While this dog is a clear candidate for a good bath, most dogs will need a bath from time to time. How often you bath your dog will depend on his breed, coat type and lifestyle.


Bathtime can become a challenge, with many dogs considering staying as far away from a bath as possible a matter of life and death! Start getting him used to it from a young age. Stay calm, don’t be rushed and offer treats to change a bath from a horrifying experience to a chance to bond with your dog.

Shampoo savvy

Your own shampoo might be expensive and do wonders for your bad hair days. But remember that your dog’s hair and skin are not the same as yours, and you should never use human shampoo on your dog. There are various shampoos on the market, formulated for whatever your dog’s specific needs may be.

Less stress

Your dog comes into the house with a smell lingering around him. A terrible smell. You are on the run, a million things on your to-do list, and besides, the dog isn’t interested in a bath at all – he thinks that he smells lovely! Then there is always the option of a water-free shampoo to take care of the odour.


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