Black Eagles of Roodekrans Awareness Weekend

The Black Eagles of Roodekrans Awareness Weekend was a huge success at Clearwater Mall  1 – 2 August 2015 #AnimaltalkCares

Black Eagles of Roodekrans Awareness Weekend 1
Left to right: Dennis Dry, Marthie Coetzer, Simone Thomson, Candice Donovan, Gerald Draper, Terina Jonker-front, Eben Jonker and Andrew Shillinglaw

The Black Eagles Awareness Weekend was a joint effort in which the Black Eagle monitors were ably supported by a very knowledgeable, senior representative of Zeiss.

The most notable effect of this joint effort, was that in many instances visitors who were not initially interested in the eagles were often drawn to the selection of superb Zeiss binoculars on display, or vice versa! Exceptional photos and videos of the eagles helped to generate questions and interest and there were, in addition, pamphlets and brochures which were handed out.

Considerable appreciation was noted in response to the offer of numerous free AnimalTalk magazines which were willingly accepted.

Youngsters in particular were very excited with the opportunity to have a photo taken of themselves super-imposed with arms outstretched before a large colorful banner of a magnificent, life-sized eagle. It  was good fun trying to match the 2m plus wingspan of the eagle.

A spin off was the opportunity to buy a raffle ticket for R50 and have the option of the price include a jumbo sized photo and smart, magnetised frame. Without the raffle ticket, the photo and frame at R20 was still a worthwhile option.

There were a number of super prizes including several top of the range binoculars.

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