Can you see me?

To survive in the wild, many animals have different camouflage techniques, called camouflaging. They use this to mainly to ‘hide’ from predators by blending into the background.

Mimicry is one technique where an animal resembles another animal, like the harmless king snakes who look like venomous coral snakes.

Background matching is where an animal resembles the background that he is on, like stick insects who look like sticks in their immediate environment.

Disruptive colouration is when an animal uses colours on his body to resemble something different or to confuse predators, like the spots on a butterfly’s wings that look like big eyes.

Countershading is where an animal is darker at the top part of his body than the bottom part of his body. Sharks are a great example – it is difficult to spot them from the top where the sun shines directly onto the darker part of their body, but it is also difficult to see the lighter part of their body from the bottom.


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