Cat noses – should it be wet or dry?

Cat parents frequently ask if a dry, warm nose means their cat is sick. The answer to this question is: ‘No.’ A healthy cat’s nose can vary between wet and dry several times during the course of a day. There are many reasons why your cat can have a dry, warm nose that have nothing to do with health. Lying in the sun, spending time near a source of heat, being in a room with poor air ventilation and licking are just a few of these reasons. Looking at a cat’s nose is a good way to check for some health concerns you might have. If your cat’s nasal skin is flaky, a dermatological problem might be the cause. You must also look out for any nasal discharge. If your cat is producing thick, yellow, green or black mucus, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Dr Letitia Swartz, veterinarian

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