Dog talk

Quality training for your dog

When you choose a trainer for your dog, you need to ensure that the trainer is reputable, and works for you and your dog. The

Q & A: Itching and cortisone

Q: My dog has itchy skin and I keep using cortisone to treat this. Is this acceptable? A: No, definitely not. Cortisone is good in

Barking at the helper

Do you need to stop your dog from barking at our helper every time she comes in to work? The first thing you need to

Q & A: One vaccination?

Q: My puppy has had one vaccination, so surely he is now protected? A: False! A puppy or kitten requires a number of booster vaccinations,

Q & A: Dental appointment

Q: How do I know if my dog or cat needs a dental? A: Imagine not brushing your teeth for a year, or five years

Pets living together in harmony

It is possible for cats and dogs, and even other pets, to live together in harmony. But there are no guarantees, and anything can happen

Wagging tail = happy dog, or not?

When your dog wags his tail, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is happy. A common misconception is that a wagging tail means a happy

Why are pets not ticklish?

Actually, they are – well, sort of. There are two types of ‘tickling’ – knismesis and gargalesis – named by two psychologists way back in

To exercise, or not to exercise

Is your dog a couch potato, or does he drive you crazy at times by tearing the furniture apart or display other strange behaviour? It

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