Teach your dog to lie down video

Now that you and your puppy have mastered the sit, it’s time to teach him how to lie down on your cue. This is a basic exercise, already taught in puppy school, but it can be a bit of a challenge! This is because dogs are animals, and therefore always aware of their own safety. Lying down makes the dog a bit more vulnerable, so they are sometimes a bit hesitant. This exercise is easiest to teach a puppy, but your adult dog can learn it as well! The secret lies in patience and practice.


Here is the step-by-step video to teach your dog to lie down while he is sitting.

You can also teach your dog to lie down while he is standing. See this step-by-step video.

Sometimes you need just a few more tips to teach your dog how to lie down. Follow these step-by-step tips if you struggle a bit.

Also, read the May 2019 issue of Animaltalk magazine for more tips and advise. Remember to keep on trying until both you and your dog get it right.



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