Dogs Know How

Q & A: Calling me?

Q: Why do dogs sometimes just ignore us when we call their names, although there is nothing wrong with their hearing? A: This is quite

Ideal meal for pets

Have you ever wondered what defines a nutritionally balanced diet? It is the combination of all foods ingested by an animal to provide energy that,

Q & A: Anal gland infections

Q: Why do dogs get anal gland infections, what are the symptoms and how serious is the condition? A: Anal glands are pheromone-secreting glands which

Healthy dog signs to look out for

Here’s a short guide to help you determine the health status of your pet. Health checks should be done throughout the year, not just at

Hereditary conditions and pet insurance

Hereditary health conditions are those that are transmitted from the parents to the offspring through DNA. The genetic make-up of an individual is a combination

How to become a vet

Becoming a vet involves more than just a strong desire to help animals. It requires dedication and hard work, expertise in animal biology and science,

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