Lockdown tips

Animaltalk brings you a variety of articles with tips, advice and things that you can do with your pets while you are in lockdown. Don’t miss out, as we will be bringing you something new every day!

New tricks for older dogs

Have you given up on teaching your older dog new things because you believe it all has to be done during puppyhood? Animaltalk is here to bring you good news: older dogs CAN learn new tricks. Training always involves patience ...

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Playing tug-of-war

Whether you’re stuck inside because it is cold outside, or stuck inside due to lock down from the coronavirus, here is a game that you can play with your dog to bond with him and to stay active: tug-of-war. Who ...

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Frisbee time with your dog

You’ve seen the dogs in the parks and on the beach playing with a frisbee with their owners and you can too. You have to agree that playing with a frisbee is fun, but even for humans, it needs a ...

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Play ‘find the treat’ with your dog

This is the third game in our series of games to play with your dog. An alternative to playing hide-and-seek with Fido is to hide his favourite toy or a tasty treat for him to find. The game is very ...

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Play hide-and-seek with your dog

Most dogs love games and one game that you can play with your dog inside or outside, is hide-and-seek. Not only is this game fun, you also teach your dog to stay close to you when walking off the lead ...

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Play fetch with your dog

No need to get bored while in lock down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. There are a few games that you can play with your dog, like playing fetch. You can even play the game inside your home. ...

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