Confirmed case of rabies

shutterstock_164605271The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has warned the public of the very real threat of rabies in the Helderkruin area. A 9 year old bull terrier was diagnosed with Rabies by the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute Rabies laboratory.

This previous reported rabies case in the area was in 2010 at Witpoortje.

Rabies is a disease that affects the brain and can lead to the death of the person or animal involved. Symptoms vary widely and include behavioural changes, aggessiveness and paralysis. Symptoms can occur from seven days to six months after being affected with the virus. The virus occurs in great numbers in the saliva of rabid (an infected animal showing symptoms of Rabies) animals.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development wishes to re-emphasize the following:

  • It is compulsory for all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against Rabies. Failure to vaccinate domestic pets is illegal and is a public health risk.
  • Members of the public should avoid touching or caressing strange, injured or sick animals.
  • Any person or domestic pet which have been bitten by a strange animal, should immediately contact their local State Veterinarian or local Health Authority.
  • Any animal which has not been vaccinated should immediately be taken to your private Veterinarian or the local SPCA for a Health check and to be vaccinated.

In order to ensure that there is a high degree of immunity against Rabies amongst the pet population, the Gauteng Veterinary Services will have a booster vaccination campaign at the following places:

11 and 12 May 2015 Helderkruin Municipal Clinic,

Pheasant street

10:00 – 17:00
11 and 12 May 2015 Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Galena street

10:00 – 17:00
11 and 12 May 2015 Helderkruin Laerskool,

Parking area in front of the school in Banket street

14:00 – 17:00

There is no cost to the pet owner for this service. People living in Helderkruin and surrounding areas please should bring their pets for vaccination/revaccination.

All dogs and cats over the age of three months that have not been vaccinated for Rabies this year must be vaccinated. The public can choose between having the vaccination of their pets done by their private veterinarian or by the State. The presence of Rabies in an area must always be considered as extremely serious.

For further information contact:

State Veterinarian Office– Randfontein Tel: 011 4114300.

Dr. J Mpofu cell 0825274783


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