5 cool things about swans

Swans - both gorgeous and interesting!
Swans – both gorgeous and interesting!

1.Picture perfect

Swans belong to the same waterfowl family as ducks and geese, Anatidae. While ducks and geese are both charming in their own way, the swan will most likely win a beauty contest between these three! The pure white feathers and elegant neck truly makes them stand out.

2. Scary swans?

Among a great number of animal phobias, there are also people who are afraid of swans. This is called cygnophobia or kiknophobia.

3. Fit for royalty

In the 12th century the British monarchy declared that all swans belong to them. Today, the Queen still has a right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans on open waters. Every year, a ‘census’ is done of the swan population on the river Thames, to keep track of the health and growth of the swan population. This is referred to as the Swan Upping.

4. A love story

Swans are monogamous, meaning that the male and female stay together for life. What makes the swan’s love life even sweeter is that they ‘kiss’ by touching beaks, forming a heart with their necks.

5. In full flight

The swan is very large for a bird and is one of the largest birds who are capable of flight (they can weigh over 14kg). Because of their size they can need up to 30m to prepare for take-off. They can fly as fast as 96km/h!

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