Décor ideas for cat owners

During the pandemic, our pets have played an even greater part in our lives, offering endless companionship and joy. As a result, the demand for pet-friendly interior design has never been higher. Hunkering down with our furry friends, we realised that our interiors need to withstand the wear and tear, and ensure that the environment is safe for them.

Happy cat

One of the most important factors in keeping your beloved cat happy and healthy, is to ensure she has an optimal living environment. Everyone knows that cats instinctively love to have high places to perch on to have a good vantage point, nooks to hide in and under, and, of course, have sufficient surfaces to scratch on. No matter how happy they are, our feline friends will always claw, bite, sometimes knock over and possibly break things. Don’t worry, though – I have numerous tips to help you design a purrr-fect environment for your cat without a hint of a ‘cat lady’ vibe.

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