Developing your dog to be the best he can be

Many centuries ago when dogs lived in the wild, they had to forage for food and that took up most of their days. Later, men domesticated dogs and then bred them to do specific work. But today, most dogs are companion animals and don’t have much to keep them busy, resulting in bored dogs. Luckily, there are various programmes available to develop your dog further and provide something that he will enjoy doing and keep him occupied and his mind stimulated.

Canine Good Citizen

One such programme is the Kennel Union of Southern Africa’s (KUSA) Canine Good Citizen Programme. The goal of this programme is to develop dogs to be well-mannered and controllable, and for people to be responsible dog owners.

The programme has three levels and dogs are rewarded with certificates, rosettes and titles when they complete the tests at each level successfully. The great thing is that this programme is not competitive, which is ideal for those dogs and owners who want to achieve their goals at their own pace.

The Canine Good Citizen Programme also provides a foundation for dogs and their owners who want to compete in dog sports and disciplines like agility, obedience and dog jumping. But even if you don’t want to compete in any activities, the programme is still a great way to give your dog something to do.

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