Did you know this about Tasmanian devils, snakes and gorillas?

Q: Where does the Tasmanian devil get his name from?

A: Although the Tasmanian devil was originally found on the mainland in Australia, he is now only found in the island state of Tasmania, which explains the first part of his name. The second part of his name can be linked to the unearthly screams he makes, his black coat colour, and the bad odour surrounding him. Then, the Tasmanian devil also has a bad temper and an aggressive attitude.


Q: Which snake is the world’s longest venomous snake?

A: The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, measuring up to 5.6m long, and lives across the whole of South Asia, Southeast Asia and the southern areas of East Asia. His genus name is Ophiophagus, which literally means ‘snake eater’, and his diet consists primarily of other snakes.



Q: Why are gorillas so similar to humans?

A: Humans and gorillas share a lot of the same DNA. There are plenty of other similarities too. Gorillas, like humans, live in groups and share family bonds, communicate and protect their young. They also have similar senses to ours. Their sense of smell is a little better than ours, while our senses of touch and hearing are better than theirs. Their eyesight is a little different too, as gorillas focus closer than we can. When it comes to taste, we’re pretty close.




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