Doggy poems

[emaillocker]Explore the world with me

Your doggy giggles come from your wagging tail.

Your eyes brighten up and your doggy smile telltale

your excitement and love – anticipating action.

Your energy shines and you’re ready for the fun.

I can’t wait to show you the world.

Come and explore the world with me, my puppy

for I pledge to be your life’s best buddy.

We’ll start small. Smelling. Exploring. Tree for tree.

Playing, running on an excitement spree.

I want to show you the world. Come, explore with me.

By Mientjie Kleinhans


For you, my bundle of joy

When Mother Nature created you, my bundle of joy,

She did everything in perfect proportions.

From the softest fur to the cutest paws, my boy.

Your energy is a contagious and positive potion

Playing with our hearts, minds and souls.

Watching you sleep weakens my heart and I know

I will raise you with love, while I watch you grow,

And I pledge to feed you well, take care of you

In all the best ways I learn to,

For I know that I will always have your love, loyalty and trust.

By Mientjie Kleinhans


Puppy vows

When my eyes connected with the windows of your soul

My heartstrings started playing the song of love.

Immediately, you filled my heart – paws, tail and all.

Today, I vow to take care of you through the rough and tough,

Through the days of joy and laughter.

I promise to feed you well, and take care of you in sickness,

For I know that I will always have your loyalty and trust.

By Mientjie Kleinhans



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