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Use this helpful list of welfare organisations in South Africa to find a centre from which you can adopt a pet, or that you can support and make donations to. There are also other welfare organisations you can support, as well as the various breed-specific welfares and rescues. Always do your research about any organisation to make sure they are legitimate.



A private animal rights organisation for destitute dogs and cats.

Province: Western Cape

Telephone: 021 465 4560

Website: adopt-a-pet.org.za


Animal Ambulance

A 24-hour emergency shelter for sick and abused animals.

Province: Gauteng (Pretoria North)

Telephone: 083 241 4452

Website: animalambulance.co.za


Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Rehabilitation and care for animals who have been ill-treated and abandoned.

Province: Countrywide

Telephone: 011 435 0672 (JHB office)

Website: aacl.co.za


Animal Rescue Organisation

Works for the welfare of sick and suffering animals.

Province: Western Cape

Telephone: 021 396 5511

Website: animalrescue.org.za



A group of volunteers with full-time jobs helping animals from disadvantaged areas in their spare time.

Province: Western Cape

Telephone: 072 672 4416 or 082 498 3765

Website: aniwell.org.za


African Tails

Provides treatment, sterilisation, rescue and rehoming for abused and neglected street dogs. No physical shelter, but offers a foster home system around Cape Town.

Province: Western Cape

Telephone: 021 510 7360

Website: africantails.co.za


Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW)

Provides animal healthcare in most of the areas in which it operates. CLAW’s team of veterinarians and local volunteers treat, vaccinate and provide spay and neuter services to sterilise thousands of pets.

Province: Gauteng (Florida)

Telephone: 076 843 3627

Website: claw-sa.org


DogtownSA (Barking Mad)

A pro-life rehabilitation centre that takes in dogs for the long-term. They also take dogs in from other shelters who have been deemed ‘problem dogs’. Care and rehabilitation programmes are provided.

Province: Gauteng (Midrand)

Telephone: 076 044 1979

Website: barkingmad.co.za


Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG)

A pro-life, non-profit organisation that rescues, cares for and rehomes abused, neglected and abandoned dogs and cats.

Province: Western Cape (Hout Bay)

Telephone: 021 790 0383

Website: DARG.org.za


Four Paws

A global organisation aiming to improve the quality of life of all animals – domestic, farm and wild.

Province: Western Cape

Telephone: 021 702 4277 (SA head office)

Website: four-paws.org.za


Friends of Rescued Animals (FORA)

A pro-life animal haven for dogs and cats. They also help poor communities with basic care, including sterilisation.

Province: Gauteng (Roodepoort)

Telephone: 082 336 5568

Website: fora.org.za


Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS)

Provides welfare services for abandoned, neglected and abused pets, as well as farm and wild animals. Now also runs a sterilisation clinic.

Province: North West/border Gauteng (Hartbeespoort)

Telephone: 076 455 0322

Website: haw-s.co.za


Hermanus Animal Welfare Society NPO (HAWS)

Caring for sick, neglected and lost animals for more than 45 years.

Province: Western Cape

Telephone: 028 312 1281

Website: hermanusanimalwelfare.co.za


Karoo Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

A mobile service for domestic animals and livestock in the deprived areas of the Little Karoo in rural South Africa.

Province: Eastern and Western Cape (based in Barrydale)

Telephone: 072 277 1056

Website: kaps.org.za


Kitty and Puppy Haven

A rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming centre that takes in injured, neglected, traumatised and mistreated animals from townships, squatter camps and other low-income areas.

Province: Gauteng (Midrand)

Telephone: 010 224 0760/63

Facebook: facebook.com/kittypuppyhaven


Lucky Lucy Foundation

A non-profit, pro-life, pro-quality-of-life organisation that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals.

Province: Western Cape (Paarl)

Telephone: 083 261 4295

Website: luckylucy.org


NSPCA (National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

One of the largest animal welfare organisations caring for domestic, farm and wild animals.

Province: Countrywide

Telephone: 011 907 3590 (head office)

Website: nspca.co.za


Pet Empowerment in Townships (PETS)

Strives to empower animals in townships and poor communities. Works with communities to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals. Also rehomes animals.

Province: Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Western Cape

Telephone: 072 434 4772

Website: pets.org.za



A pro-life rehabilitation and rehoming organisation specialising in ‘special needs’ and disabled animals all over South Africa. Rescue animals live in foster homes. Gauteng-based, but will assist countrywide.

Province: Gauteng (JHB)

Telephone: 072 731 7397

Website: petsave.co.za


Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT)

PACT hopes to make a difference by sterilising homeless animals, and rescuing neglected or abused animals. Rehoming when required.

Province: KwaZulu-Natal (Phoenix)

Telephone: 073 005 4275

Website: phoenixanimalcare.org.za


Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue (PEAR)

Rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs. Dogs remain in foster homes until rehomed.

Province: Eastern Cape (PE)

Telephone: 072 959 6201

Facebook: facebook.com/PearPortElizabethAnimalRescue



An animal rescue centre that rescues, rehabilitates, rehomes and reunites abandoned, abused and stray animals.

Province: Eastern Cape (Greenbushes, PE)

Telephone: 041 372 1780

Website: saveapet.co.za

The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS)

A non-profit, pro-life animal rescue society that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes neglected dogs and cats.

Province: Western Cape (Sunnydale)

Telephone: 021 785 4482

Website: tears.org.za


The Society for Animals in Distress (SAID)

Aims to protect animals, treat illness, fight ignorance and empower the community to do the same.

Province: Gauteng

Telephone: 011 466 0261

Website: animalsindistress.org.za



A ‘right to life’ organisation involved in the rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected and abused animals.

Province: Mpumalanga (near Rayton/Bronkhorstspruit)

Telephone: 0861 939 3941/2

Website: wetnose.org.za


Woodrock Animal Rescue

As a township initiative, Woodrock feeds hungry animals from these communities, regularly sterilises animals, supplies shelter and comfort in the form of dog kennels and blankets, and provides inoculations, rabies injections and other veterinary assistance, as well as regular dipping services. They run a pet hotel to help fund this initiative.

Province: Gauteng

Telephone: 076 155 4436

Website: woodrockanimalrescue.com



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