Funny man Chris Forrest and his cats

Chris Forrest cuddling one of his beloved cats.
Chris Forrest cuddling one of his beloved cats.

One of South Africa’s most popular comedians, Chris Forrest hardly needs an introduction. He stands out in stand-up comedy and you will also have seen him on the Pure Monate Show, various movies and adverts, and Celebrity MasterChef SA (which he went on to win). He also took on a canine character when he was the mouth and voice of Buddy the Boxer, on our screens in adverts for Toyota. Serious about laughter, Chris Forrest has no problem leaving his audiences in stitches. And considering the funny antics that cats can get up to at times, it only makes sense that Chris shares his home with two beloved cats! Chris took some time to chat to Animaltalk about his feline friends.

What pets do you have and what are their names?

Two lovely ginger cats: Pickle and Lola.

How did you acquire them?

I adopted them from Kitty Haven. I went to get Pickle who I had selected off their website, but while I was there Lola charmed me by jumping on my shoulders, rubbing her head against mine and purring. She then went and sat in the cat box, ready to go. After I removed her she repeated the exercise, so I had to take her.

Tell us a bit about their personalities. Any funny, quirky habits?

Pickle is super cute and very affectionate; she’s the cat even cat-haters can’t help but love. There is a flip side to her personality though – she is the most prolific bird hunter I’ve ever seen, and doesn’t take kindly to you removing her prey. Lola is also a fruitful hunter, but her prey consists mostly of leaves and pieces of scrap paper, which she makes a big noise about when she enters. She also has a passion for catnip; I think this might explain her hunting preferences.

  • Read the full article in the June 2016 issue of Animaltalk.


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