Part 3 – Going home!

The day started like any other. We woke up, played, had a nap, played, ate breakfast, had another nap, and played some more. Then they came to fetch us! There were about five families and they took us all into a room where we met with the families – our new families! They will be our puppy-raising family until we are about one year old. We were going home!


When it was time to leave, I was a bit tired, so my new dad carried me to the car, where I fell asleep almost immediately between my new mom’s feet. All the puppies-in-training have to travel in the footwell of the passenger seat in the car. This is to keep us safe, and also prevents us from leaving dirty pawprints on the car seats.


We arrived at my new home and Dad carried me inside and put me down on the grass. I was a bit unsure – everything was strange and new. But Mom and Dad stayed right next to me so I was sure everything was going to be okay.

Then I met my two sisters! They were both very big. The one (Emily) was brown and white with very long ears! She came over and sniffed me all over. She was friendly!! She told me she’s an English Springer Spaniel.



The other dog (Anja) looked a little bit like my mom, Jelly! I ran over and started licking and kissing her all over her face. She wasn’t too happy about that and lifted her lip to show me her teeth!! This was not my mommy! She still looked friendly enough so I followed her around for a bit. I noticed that her hair was longer than my mommy’s, and she said that she is a Golden Retriever.



Here is a short video of our meet & greet! (Not the best quality – Mom’s still working on her videoing skills)

Then we all went inside, they showed me where the water was, and before I could even inspect the rest of the house I was so tired I just fell asleep …




Next time I will tell you a bit more about my first days at my new home.


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