Goldfish myths busted

Myth: goldfish have a three-second memory

Much research has already been done to disprove this common goldfish myth. Has your goldfish ever looked excited at feeding time? This already proves that they can remember – and they can remember things for at least three months! Goldfish have a sense of time and can settle into a routine. It is even possible to train a goldfish, with an experiment seeing them pull a lever to get access to food. They can also recognise other fish. Brainier than we thought!

Myth: goldfish only live for a short time

Yes, many goldfish die at a young age. Sadly, this has nothing to do with their natural lifespan, but is rather a case of them not being cared for properly. Under the right conditions a goldfish can be your friend for a long time, living for several decades!

Myth: goldfish are vegetarians

Goldfish do eat large amounts of plant material, but they are actually omnivores who will, given the chance, also eat fish eggs, invertebrates and smaller species of fish. Your pet goldfish’s diet needs to include both plant and animal material. Look out for a commercial goldfish food of a high quality as this is essential in taking care of your fish’s nutritional needs.

Myth: a small bowl is a sufficient home

A small bowl is not the answer and your goldfish will be much happier and healthier in a large aquarium, especially considering that some goldfish can grow quite large. Goldfish produce a lot of waste, and a small bowl does not allow for sufficient water volume to dilute this waste. Your goldfish needs enough space to move around and exhibit natural behaviours, and you also need to provide adequate filtration and aeration for a comfy home for your fish.