Part 2 – Growing up

It was so much fun starting my doggy life at GDA! I had lots of adventures every day. Different people came to visit us and in our outside run we had toys and other things to discover – we could climb over, under and through and sleep wherever we were comfortable. It is very important for puppies to get used to different objects and people – I loved every moment of it, so many new smells to explore!

DSCF0297 (2)

DSCF0300 (2)
Some of the people who came to visit us were Puppy Raisers. These are the people who will look after us once we are old enough to leave our mom and our brothers and sisters. In their homes we will learn all about sleeping inside, how to behave in a house (like not getting onto the furniture) and other things I will still tell you all about.


One of the highlights at the Puppy Block was when we started getting real food! For a while we could eat real food AND drink from Mom! How awesome is that? And then eventually we drank less and less from Mom and got more real food. I guess that was okay.

DSCF0323 sm

DSCF0321 (2)

Next time I will tell you about the day one of the friendly Puppy Raiser ladies took me to my new home.
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