Healthy dog signs to look out for

Here’s a short guide to help you determine the health status of your pet. Health checks should be done throughout the year, not just at the beginning as part of your new year’s resolutions. So, we strongly advise that you keep this information handy throughout the year. Remember, this is just a guide, and your pet should still see the vet at least once a year for a check-up and the necessary vaccinations.


Healthy dog signs

  • Glowing skin and coat His coat is glossy and soft, and his skin is itch-free and free of scabs, red patches, lumps and growths.
  • No parasites There are no ticks, fleas or other parasites.
  • Ears His ears are clean, without any ear mites. Some yellow or brownish earwax is fine. No redness or swelling.
  • Eyes Bright and shiny eyes. The whites of the eyes are white and not yellowish, and the eyes should be free of discharge. No inflamed or swollen eyelids.
  • Nose Cool and moist nose (but not necessarily) with a clear discharge.
  • Mouth No foul-smelling breath.
  • Teeth and gums His gums should be firm and pink, black or spotted. Teeth should be intact according to his age, and free from plaque and tartar.
  • Temperature Ideal body temperature is between 38.3 and 39.2°
  • Urine Should be clear and yellow.
  • Stools Brown and firm.
  • Weight Neither too fat, nor too thin. You can feel his ribs under his skin without padding, but his ribs are not protruding either.
  • Energetic He is his normal, energetic self and has a generally happy demeanour.


Signs that something could be wrong:

  • If your dog faints.
  • If he has diarrhoea and/or vomiting.
  • If you notice a sudden loss of balance, falling down or staggering.
  • A thick discharge from his ears, nose or eyes is not a good sign.

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