How to identify a cheetah

Do you know how to identify a cheetah in the wild? It can be difficult if you don’t know the differences between the cheetah, African leopard, jaguar and even the snow leopard.

The March 2019 issue of Animaltalk has the cheat sheet to identify between the four cats – get your copy now.

In the meanwhile see if you know these facts about the cheetah:

The cheetah is leaner than the other cats and is built for speed, with long legs and a smaller head.

His most distinctive trait is the tear stripes from the inside corners of his eyes to the outside corners of his mouth.

The cheetah features solid black spots, while the other leopard, jaguar and snow leopard have rosettes.

Endangered status: Vulnerable

Estimated number left in the wild: 7,100

Claim to fame: Fastest land mammal

Top speed: 110km/h

Maximum weight: 60kg

Habitat: Open areas in savannah

Continent: Sub-Saharan Africa

Family preference: Social


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