How to know that your dog’s food is right for him

There are various ways to find the right diet for your dog. You can choose a brand of food based on:

  • Your dog’s age – foods that are nutritionally balanced for dogs of a certain age.
  • Your dog’s size – the size of the breed – mini, small, medium, large or giant breeds.
  • Your dog’s breed – a diet formulated to the needs of the breed, taking into account any specific problems noted.
  • Your dog’s lifestyle – sporting/working dogs have different nutritional needs to companion animals.
  • Your dog’s health – a therapeutic diet for a current or chronic illness (as diagnosed by a vet).

Evaluate your dog’s current food based on the categories above and see which category the food fits into and if it meets the immediate nutritional needs of your dog. Consider how much you pay for the current food and how much you can afford. Never choose a product based on price alone. Always check the ingredient list and know what you are paying for. Cheaper foods may contain fillers that don’t provide good nutrients. Premium foods may cost more than supermarket brands but the higher nutritional content is more valuable for your pet. Aim to feed your dog the best quality food you can afford.



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