Interesting facts about dinosaurs, octopus and ants

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Did you know?

So far, scientists found about 700 species of dinosaurs all over the world. The latest discovery was in the Free State, South Africa, last year where they found a 12-ton dinosaur fossil. Scientists named him Ledumahadi mafube, which is Sesotho for ‘a giant thunderclap at dawn’. It is believed that there are many more dinosaurs waiting to be discovered. The 40m Argentinosaurus was the longest dinosaur, while the Lesothosaurus was the smallest – about the size of a chicken.

Did you know?

If you compare the size of an average ant and the weight he can carry to that of a human’s ability, an ant is very strong. But some species of ants are even stronger. The leafcutter ant can lift material that is 50 times heavier than his own bodyweight. Asian weaver ants can lift around 100 times their own weight. It is estimated that a field ant’s neck can support 5,000 times his own weight. The best part is that they don’t only pick up the weight, they also carry it over long distances. Now that’s what we call strong!

Did you know?

An octopus has three hearts to help him pump oxygen through his body and to the gills. He also has blue blood that is rich in copper, but what makes him super special is the nine brains. There is one ‘main’ brain and then one brain in each of his eight arms. Is that impressive or what?


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