Interesting facts about dinosaurs, peacock feather colours, and goat eyes

Animals are so amazing that we bring you some interesting facts for #DidYouKnowFridays on a variety of animals. Today we take a look at dinosaurs, peacock feather colours and goat eyes.

Did you know?

Scientists recently discovered the remains of a dinosaur in the Free State who was 50% bigger than the T. Rex. Ledumahadi mafube, meaning ‘a giant thunderclap at dawn’ in Sesotho, is believed to have lived in the area around 200 million years ago and weighed an estimated 12 tonnes. This dinosaur was a herbivore who walked on all four legs.

Did you know?

The peacock isn’t as brightly coloured as he appears to be – the bird is actually a shade of brown. Microscopic crystals on his feathers give him the multi-coloured look. They reflect light in different wavelengths, which then creates the majestic colours. Hummingbirds and butterflies have the same structures on their wings.


Did you know?

According to researchers, goats and sheep have rectangular, horizontal pupils to give them a greater scope of vision – 280 degrees. This allows them to better see predators and other dangers.




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