Interesting facts about sailfish, dung beetles and sea dragons

It’s Friday and time to learn more about animals. Did you know these facts about fish, insects and sea dragons?

Did you know?

If ever there was a race to see who is the fastest, the sailfish would win, being able to swim about 110km/h. But he will have to move his tail fins, as the marlin will be in second place. Some fishermen might even say that the marlin is the fastest sea creature. Both fish belong to the billfish family.

Did you know?

If you compare the body weight to what he is able to pick up, the dung beetle wins the trophy of the strongest insect. But that is not the only claim to fame for this armoured creature. He is also the strongest of all animals. He can pull 1,141 times his own weight. Maybe it is due to all the dung he eats in his lifetime.

Did you know?

Are there dragons in the sea? As there are still vast undiscovered areas in the ocean, we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that there are leafy sea dragons off the coasts of Tasmania and southern and western coastal areas of Australia. These sea dragons are experts in camouflage and look like kelp or leaves floating in the ocean. They don’t have teeth or a stomach and live on small shrimp, larvae and other small sea creatures, which they suck up with their mouths.


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