Interesting snake facts you need to know

An interesting fact is that some snakes, like pythons, actually have very small legs. They look more like claws, and don’t get used. These two ‘claws’ are on either side of the snake, where his pelvis would be, which suggests that he has the potential to grow limbs. Scientists believe that these claws could potentially mutate into full limbs. But that would require some evolution on the snake’s part.


Say what?

Snakes do have ears. They do not have ear holes like lizards do, because they don’t have outer (external) ears, but they do have inner ears. The human ear has a small bone called the stapes. When the stapes vibrates, we hear sound. Snakes also have something similar, called the columella. The difference is that their columella is connected to their jawbone, which enables them to sense vibrations. They don’t have eardrums like we do but, like humans, they also use their ears for balance.


What’s your deal?

Snakes use their tongues to smell the air around them. They have a gland on the roof of their mouths called the Jacobson’s organ that sends signals to the brain, telling them what they’re smelling. That is why snakes move their tongues so much. This is called tongue flicking. So, why do they have nostrils then? Those are used for breathing. Especially when they are busy feeding, which can take a long time. While their mouths are full, they breathe through their nostrils.


Somebody’s watching me

If a snake has eyes where the pupils looks like slits (like a cat’s eye), then that snake is venomous. If the pupil is a solid round circle, then the snake is non-venomous. But that does not mean that it is not a dangerous snake.


That’s ‘fangtastic’

Snakes shed their teeth often, just like other reptiles do. In fact, snakes shed teeth every six to 10 weeks. When a snake is feeding, a fang could loosen, and he might swallow his fang along with his food. Researchers have found many snake fang particles in snake faeces. Sometimes, a snake tooth may be found on the ground, if the tooth falls out of the snake’s mouth.

Imagine if snakes had a tooth fairy…


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